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  1. Amidst FX deleveraging, participants forecast the euro in the 1.32 range
  2. Dollar holds near 2-month high versus yen
  3. GBP/USD: gains limited by 1.6220 resistance
  4. Has the Iran deal impacted your trades?
  5. Daily Market News Sharing
  6. Did Bernanke kill housing recovery?
  7. US criticizes Germany
  8. EURJPY: Faces Broader Upside Risk
  9. China September Foreign Direct Investment Rises 4.9% on Year to $8.8 Billion
  10. Russian Oil exports
  11. Australian business confidence highest in 2 years
  12. China's Biggest Reforms in over Two Decades
  13. China Reduces Liquidity
  14. Is China Heading For A Fall?
  15. Gold & Silver Whipped by Non-Farms Data, Drop Through $1400 and $22.40
  16. Market review from Tradingforex
  17. US rate Stables
  18. Daily ForexTactics Tips
  19. Euro rises against the dollar after Draghi comments
  20. 7/3/2013
  21. Central banks
  22. remain the GBP at the expected level
  23. Iron Ore
  24. Saxo Bank fires 266 people (20% of workforce), Oanda closes middle eastern office.
  25. Troika agree to the Greek reform plan
  26. Dollar Rebounds After Payrolls Data
  27. Euro Strength Faces Critical Test - Will it Hit Further Highs?
  28. Eurusd technical analysis-november 16, 2012
  29. Forex news providers
  30. Eurozone Manufacturing Sector Continues to Contract
  31. EURUSD: Sees Further Declines On Sell Off.
  32. What is the Next Target of the EUR/USD / MBCFX Technical Analysis Team 02/01 /2013
  33. USDCHF- Turns Lower On Price Failure, Further Weakness Likely.
  34. USD/MXN retraces from highs, around 12.7845
  35. Dollar Trades Near Two-Month Low as Fed Poised to Cut Rates
  36. Any Market Surprises Coming at the End of Quarter Three?
  37. Forex Markets Giving Mixed Signals
  38. Usdcad
  39. "When Will the Euro Collapse?" Commentary by Mathew Lynn
  40. Mixed Market Response to ECB's Bond-Buying Plans
  41. Daily Market Outlook by ForexTactics
  42. Economic Events 23/08/2012
  43. Upcoming Banker Meetings to Dominate This Week's Trade
  44. Thailand welcomes Currency Futures
  45. Euro extends gains vs yen, hits one-month high
  46. The euro stood at $1.2580
  47. British pound sterling rallies to fresh three-and-a-half year high vs EUR
  48. Forex Flash: What to do with EUR/GBP - Commerzbank VS. Danske Bank
  49. Forex: AUD/USD extending gains above 200-day MA
  50. Forex: EUR/USD quiet around 1.3200 after decline following Spanish downgrade by S&P
  51. E UR/USD flat towards the close in Asia
  52. Forex: EUR/USD flat towards the close in Asia
  53. Forex trading news center
  54. Forex: EUR/GBP outlook still bearish
  55. FOREX-Euro holds near 3-wk high, Aussie finds support
  56. Euro hits decade low vs yen, more falls likely
  57. Trading Forecast For 2012: Is "Super Move" Coming?
  58. Euro firms against dollar in Asian trade
  59. The Week Ahead- Rate Decisions. TFMN
  60. Yuan rises slightly against dollar
  61. EUR/USD Daily Analysis of 28.02.2012
  62. European Stocks Rise Before U.S. Jobless Data
  63. Trading the US Durable Goods Orders. Jan 26 2012
  64. Trading the Canadian Retail Sales Report
  65. Trade Forex Market News
  66. Market Review - 05/01/2012
  67. EUR/USD 23 nov
  68. Aud/cad
  69. Commodities
  70. Eur/usd&usd/jpy&aud/cad
  71. market outlook
  72. Eur/usd
  73. Yen Gains as China Imposes Conditions on Help to Europe
  74. Greece issues
  75. EUR/GBP registers best weekly performance since October
  76. EGP/USD Went Down to Six-Year Low on Capital Outflow
  77. USD/EUR Would Rise on American Good Retail Sales Data
  78. Ikon forex "USD/JPY might fall back"
  79. Aussie Rises on Asian Stocks, Heads to Weekly Loss
  80. NZD Follows Food Prices in Decline
  81. Intraday Analysis by Forexsoup
  82. Forex Rate"GBP/USD Dropped Sharply on UK Inflationary Report"
  83. EUR/USD takes a breather in Asia
  84. Ikon forex "The rebound of gold forex price might be temporarily"
  85. EUR/USD Fluctuate on the Fourth-Quarter GDP in Euro Zone
  86. EUR/USD update
  87. Ikon forex "AUD/USD went up to above 1.0030"
  88. Dow Jones Newswires by AFB
  89. Ikon forex "USD would continue to get support"
  90. Ikon forex "AUD/USD might fell down to the fair price level"
  91. Ikon forex "Import and Export Price Index of the 4th quarter in Australia both slump"
  92. Ikon forex "EUR,AUD mildly reversed the gains in the previous night"
  93. Ikon forex "NZD/USD suffered great pressure of selling"
  94. Ikon forex "Initial jobless claims in US was lower than the previous expectation, USD
  95. Analysis 19/01 NZD CPI q/q
  96. Ikon forex "Consumers confidence slumped, AUD/USD tested 0.9950 again"
  97. U.K. Jobless Claims Falls......
  98. Ikon forex "USD index left low and might got a rebound to 79.00-10 in short term"
  99. EUR German PPI
  100. Ikon forex "AUD/USD fell down from below the fair price"
  101. Trichet Faces `Annus Horribilis' as Crisis Tests European Central Bank - www.forexSQ.
  102. Euro Rallies As ECB Sees Upside Risk For Inflation
  103. US Dollar Could Fall Further on Forex Sentiment
  104. Ikon forex "AUD/USD might rise up sharply in the later half of this year"
  105. US Existing Home Sales & NZ Retail Sales
  106. Ikon forex "Shanghai spot gold slightly closed low early on Monday in forex market"
  107. Ikon forex "RMB is predicted to gradually surging up in the forex market"
  108. Ikon forex "The average forex price of gold in 2011 would be at 1502 US dollars per o
  109. Ikon forex "Gold futures in COMEX were closed low due to decreased hedge buying"
  110. Ikon forex "Spot gold got stabilized early in Asia forex market for doubt in EU natio
  111. Ikon forex "AUD/USD fell to below 1.0200 and got an adjustment and stabilized"
  112. Ikon forex "AUD/USD would slump sharply"
  113. Ikon forex "EUR/USD tent to get a slight rebound"
  114. Ikon forex "AUD/USD is expected to surge up and might come back to above 1.0205"
  115. What GBP will do in 2011?
  116. Ikon "Hong Kong spot gold slightly rose up early in forex market on Wednesday"
  117. Ikon forex "Gold production in Russia from January to November went down by 2.2 perce
  118. EUR German IFO Business Climate
  119. What's happening with USD
  120. GBP Nationwide Consumer Confidence
  121. Ikon forex "Forex trend of EUR was affected by problems in France"
  122. AUD CB Leading Index
  123. GBP Nationwide Consumer Confidence
  124. USD CB Leading Index
  125. EUR German Ifo Business Climate
  126. GBP Rightmove HPI
  127. Ikon forex "NZD/USD would confront more surging up space"
  128. EUR-Trade Balance
  129. EUR-Current Accoun
  130. Ikon Forex "USD/JPY refreshed new low point and would further go down"
  131. NZD Retail Sales
  132. CHF-Producer Price Index
  133. CAD Ivey PMI
  134. NZD Core Retail Sales
  135. CAD Ivey PMI
  136. AUD MI Inflation Gauge
  137. CAD Building Permits
  138. NZD Retail Sales
  139. NZD Retail Sales
  140. EUR Sentix Investor Confidence
  141. AUD ANZ Job Advertisements
  142. CAD Building Permits
  143. US Unemployment Claims
  144. EUR Minimum Bid Rate
  145. CHF Retail Sales
  146. AUD ANZ Job Advertisement
  147. AUD Trade Balance
  148. AUD MI Inflation Gauge
  149. USD Pending Home Sales
  150. daily forex news site
  151. GBP Nationwide HPI
  152. Risk determines the trading dynamics
  153. Forex Broker: Bernanke: Act When Necessary.
  154. Forex Market Outlook 30 Nov. 2009
  155. Change in Margin Requirements - New CFTC Regulation effective from 18th of October 20
  156. Forex Demo:Bearish Sentiment of EUR Deepens
  157. Forex Trading Psychology
  158. My Forex Online Views on Current Market Situation
  159. The Recession & Small Business
  160. Daily FX Market Review by Acetrader 20/08/2010
  161. Forex Currency: Ireland's Rating Got Downgraded
  162. Forex Broker: Greece Will Sell 1.5 billion euro Short-term Debt
  163. Forex Currency: German Bonds Slides
  164. Forex Currency: Hungary Failed in Loans Investigation
  165. Global Recession - Is it really Over?
  166. Forex Currency: IMF Expects A Slight Depreciation of USD
  167. Forex Broker: S&P's Warning Dragged Pound Down
  168. Forex Currency: Swedish Central Bank Raised Benchmark Interest Rate
  169. Forex Broker: USD Against EURO Changes Dramatically
  170. Forex Broker: National Bond Sells Well; Euro Rebounds Strongly
  171. Forex Currency: Euro/Dollar rose to two-month High
  172. What will happen with the EUR
  173. Forex Currency: Both RMB Spot and NDF Weaken
  174. Who is who
  175. Forex Broker: Risk Currency Broke Through Strong Technical Resistance
  176. Take Good Care of Foreign Currency to Deal with Strong Fluctuation
  177. Forex Broker: Tricket Addressed Favorable Remarks
  178. Forex Broker:Chinese Forex Reserve First Shows Negative Growth in 15 Months
  179. Forex News Weekly - USDJPY - USDCAD
  180. Forex Broker: Yen Hit 5-Week High
  181. Forex Broker: Moody's Might Downgrade Spain's Sovereignty Credit Rate
  182. Forex Broker: Market Focus Transfers; USD May Fall Back
  183. Sterling falls on bearish comments from BoE's King
  184. Where The EUR/USD Goes Today
  185. News from Dubai please investors
  186. Euro being stronger
  187. USD Rallies
  188. euro making growing attemps
  189. Japan's auto production down 21.6%
  190. FOREX-Yen rises, regains ground after dip on China data
  191. Euro trading under 1,47 dollar
  192. Forex Market Outlook 08 Dec. 2009
  193. Australia Changes Its Rates
  194. Japanese Yen Conflicted as Risk Trends Mix With Key GDP Report
  195. Wild Card Gold 14 Sep 2009
  196. Wild Card Gold 17 Sep 2009
  197. The Wild Card Crude Oil 3 Sep 2009
  198. Wild Card Gold 4 Sep 2009
  199. Dollar drops to three-week low
  200. NZ dollar falls to three-week low after rate call
  201. The Wild Card Silver 16 Sep 2009
  202. Oil Falls a Second Day as Supply Increase Signals Slow Demand
  203. Dollar Continues Strengthening
  204. The Wild Card Oil 2 Sep 2009
  205. The BSE Sensex closed lower by 106.86 points at 15,411.63
  206. Dollar Debate Misses at G8, but Criticism is still there
  207. Oil Prices Surge Higher Then Fall Back
  208. Euro Is Unable to Break $1.43 Level
  209. Foreclosure Drop
  210. Euro: How Strong is the Economic Recovery?
  211. Euro-Zone's Confidence Rises Regardless Problems
  212. Canadian Dollar Advances to Three-Week High as Crude Oil Rises
  213. GDP in Euro-zone Adds to Optimism
  214. Japan Inflation in Record Drop
  215. FOMC Committe Decision Brings Market Volatility
  216. Australian, N.Z. Dollars Fall on China Comments, Japanese Data
  217. Safe haven seekers boost Dollar, Aussie export prices weigh on FX
  218. Recovery Signals Drive EUR Rally
  219. A little perspective please - Internal Polls in the US showed that Obama's Honeymoon
  220. Yen Falls Most in 3 Weeks Versus Euro as Yield Demand Increases
  221. Important economic data to be released this week
  222. US Debt is getting more Expensive for the Taxpayer while the US digs itself in deeper
  223. Canada's Dollar Drops to Lowest in Almost Two Weeks on Stocks
  224. BRIC Dollar Bonds Beat Ruble Debt as Medvedev Frets
  225. U.K. Pound Gains on Improved Economic Data and as Stocks Rise
  226. Nordic Currencies: Swedish Krona Falls on Latvian Lats Concern
  227. Loonie's Best Gain in 59 Years Risks Backfiring
  228. Positive Job Loss Report, Stocks Rise
  229. ECB's 500-Euro Note Lures Cocaine Smugglers to Europe, DEA Says
  230. Canada Dollar Touches 7-Month High as Commodity Currencies Gain
  231. Euro Declines on Concern Banking Weakness in Europe Will Spread
  232. U.A.E. Pulls Out of Gulf Monetary Union Project
  233. Nomura Says Sell the Dollar as Central Banks Reduce Holdings
  234. Yen, Dollar Strengthen on Concern Recession Will Be Prolonged
  235. Yen, Dollar Fall Against Euro as Stocks Gain on Bank Optimism
  236. Daily Market News Digest
  237. China's Stockpiles Are New Sovereign Wealth Strategy, RBC Says
  238. Euro Weakens on Bets ECB May Lower Rates, Move to Buy Debt
  239. Stocks Fall, Oil Prices Rise
  240. Yen to Strengthen as Greenback Loses Safety Allure, TD Says
  241. Japanese Housewives Increase Wagers Yen Will Weaken
  242. Dollar Index May Extend Loss, Drop 5.7%: Technical Analysis
  243. Canadian Currency Declines From Strongest Level Since January
  244. China Yuan Has Best Week in Two Months; Bonds Little Changed
  245. China's Yuan Strengthens Most in Three Weeks; Bonds Decline
  246. Thai Baht Declines, Debt Rating at Risk Amid Protests
  247. Dollar Gains Most in 2 Months on Optimism Worst of Crisis Over
  248. $150 Billion Stimulus Plan Called For In Japan
  249. Euro May Extend Losses to as Low as $1.25: Technical Analysis
  250. Yen, Dollar Fall Versus Higher-Yield Currencies as Stocks Gain