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  1. Women's World Cup 2019: Abby Wambach's neat goal from 2015 - 19 days to go

    BBC Sport remembers Abby Wambach's final competitive goal for the USA in a 1-0 win over Nigeria at the 2015 World Cup.
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    Eurovision 2019: Five lessons learned

    What the final of this year's song contest can teach us about geography, politics and hubris.
  3. Eurovision 2019: Madonna's performance gets mixed reviews

    The singer manages to make a political statement at Eurovision while fans are mixed about her performance.
  4. Champion defends title with first-round knockout

    Deontay Wilder retains his WBC world heavyweight title with an emphatic first-round knockout of Dominic Breazeale in New York.
  5. Argentine abortion campaigners take to Cannes red carpet

    Activists and the film crew of Que Sea Ley documentary wore green and chanted "solidarity" in a pro-choice protest.
  6. 2019 Australia election: Morrison's coalition seeking shock majority

    Conservative Scott Morrison's victory is a few seats from a majority as final votes are counted.
  7. Geoffrey Robinson: Labour MP denies claims he was 'Czech spy'

    The Labour MP rejects the Cold War claims and says he did not have access to such sensitive material.
  8. Eurovision 2019: The contest highlights from start to finish

    The contest's highlights - from singing in the shower and bendy poles to the Netherlands' triumph.
  9. Brexit: Theresa May plans 'bold offer' to get support for deal

    Extra protections for workers are expected to be among the proposals to be offered by Theresa May.
  10. Paper review: Lib Dems 'detoxify' and MP denies spy claim

    Sunday's papers look ahead to the European elections while a Labour MP calls historical claims "lies".
  11. Climate change: One man's fight to save a California tree

    Cody tried to replant a San Diego forest destroyed by wildfire but climate change is making it hard.
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    Your pictures on the theme of 'baked'

    Each week, we publish a gallery of readers' pictures on a set theme. This week it is "baked".
  13. The Brazilian street artist who brings history to graffiti

    Eduardo Kobra is a Brazilian street artist known for colourful historical figures and places.
  14. Markus Birdman talks about his stroke in his comedy routine

    Comedian Markus Birdman had a stroke at 40, and talks about the experience in his stand-up routine to raise awareness.
  15. Eurovision 2019: Netherlands wins 2019 Eurovision Song Contest

    The Netherlands' Duncan Laurence wins the contest with his song Arcade, but the UK comes bottom.
  16. Arnold Schwarzenegger drop-kicked at South Africa event

    The actor tells fans there is "nothing to worry about" after he was attacked at a public appearance.
  17. India elections 2019: Modi on ballot as polling ends

    Voting takes place in the prime minister's seat at the end of a long, bruising election.
  18. Dredger damaged Loch Carron reef secures protected status

    The flame shell reef at Loch Carron was "devastated" by intensive scallop dredging two years ago.
  19. Eurovision 2019: Madonna leads crowd in Music Makes The People Come Together

    Madonna draws an enthusiastic chorus from the audience as she appears at the Eurovision Song Contest.
  20. Light and the circadian rhythm: The key to a good night's sleep?

    Getting enough sleep is fundamental to our wellbeing, but one key factor is often overlooked.
  21. Revenge porn laws 'not working', say victim groups

    There has been a rise in police investigations in England and Wales but the number of charges has fallen.
  22. Brighton: Welcome to the upside down house

    Brighton seafront has a new attraction that is turning people's heads.
  23. Game of Thrones: How the women of Westeros took centre stage

    Whatever you think of the show's plot, you can't deny the final season was all about the women of Ice and Fire.
  24. Five future 'super foods' that are good for you and the planet

    If you want to stay healthy and help save the planet, how about a dish of algae followed by some cactus and ancient grains?
  25. Double Olympic champion Jones wins maiden world title - highlights and report

    Double Olympic champion Jade Jones secures the first world title of her career with a 14-7 victory over defending champion Lee Ah-reum.
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