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  1. Two teenagers charged with kidnapping and raping classmate in Maryland

    A 13-year-old girl is being accused of being the mastermind of the attack.
  2. Michigan girl, 17, charged with raping man at knifepoint may avoid prison

    Lestina Marie Smith pleaded 'no contest' to lesser charges after she allegedly raped a man in Michigan.
  3. Petrified swimmers flee from 'shark' filmed yards away on popular beach in Benidorm

    British tourists spotted the distinctive fins at Levante Beach on the Costa Blanca last week.
  4. From Pokemon to Harry Potter: The strangest things banned in Saudi Arabia

    People have been arrested for dancing, listening to music and celebrating St Valentine's Day.
  5. Ex-NFL star Aaron Hernandez had for his age 'most severe case ever' of brain disease

    The ex-New England Patriots tight end was 27 when he committed suicide while serving a life sentence for murder.
  6. Private plane crash leaves four injured and forces closure of Istanbul's Ataturk Airp

    It is one of Europe's biggest air hubs.
  7. Nearly 90 migrants go missing after shipwreck off Libya's coast

    Local officials said at least eight migrants drowned as they attempted to cross the Mediterranean for Europe.
  8. Banks to carry out immigration checks on customers

    Financial institutions will be required from January to look for accounts of illegal migrants.
  9. Kim says 'deranged' Trump shows need for nuclear programme

    In unprecedented address, North Korea's leader says he is convinced developing weapons is "correct".
  10. UK's terror fight 'puts unsustainable strain on police'

    Resources are being diverted from mainstream policing, the National Police Chiefs' Council says.
  11. Brexit: PM bids to break deadlock with two-year deal offer

    The PM will say in her Florence speech that both sides have a responsibility to get Brexit right.
  12. North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un says 'I will tame the mentally deranged Trump with f

    The statement came from North Korea's news agency.
  13. Pablo Escobar's brother threatens to sue Netflix for $1bn over Narcos

    Roberto De Jesus Escobar Gaviria also threatened to shut down the series Narcos.
  14. Watch video: Lockheed Martin's ATHENA laser weapon system takes down 5 airborne drone

    The tests were conducted in conjunction with the US Army's Space and Missile Defense Command.
  15. 'I felt the physicality of the sport': Pound-for-pound king Andre Ward explains boxin

    Ward retires with a perfect record of 32-0.
  16. Is Lewis Hamilton in a relationship? F1 driver reveals his dating status

    Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger dated for 7 years before parting ways in February 2015.
  17. Facebook to share 3,000 Russia-linked ads with Congress: 'We are committed to rising

    "I care deeply about the democratic process and protecting its integrity," CEO Mark Zuckerberg said.
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    Wolf Alice: 'Our album is like hummus'

    The indie band discuss tour riders, panic attacks and why Craig David should be prime minister.
  19. 'They shall receive no benefits': Jerry Lewis snubs his sons, leaves fortune to wife

    In his will, the late comedian chose to leave no inheritance for his children from his first marriage to Patti Palmer.
  20. North Korea threatens to carry out 'most powerful' hydrogen bomb test over Pacific Oc

    "We have no idea about what actions could be taken as it will be ordered by leader Kim Jong-un," Pyongyang's foreign minister said.
  21. 3 women held for beating UberPool driver after he refused to evict another passenger

    Uber has promised to extend all its support to the driver.
  22. Nine-year-old boy raped, tortured and choked to death in Pakistan

    A police officer said this was the second such incident reported in the area in the past three months and the third in a year.
  23. Toddler dies half an hour after being 'forcefully' given polio vaccination

    The police have registered a case and an investigation is underway.
  24. 'You are the most remarkable person': Tim McGraw pens a sweet birthday note to Faith

    The couple have been together for 21 years.
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    Deadly fire engulfs Russian hotel

    Two people died when the three star Torn House hotel in Rostov-on-Don caught fire.
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