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  1. Twitter blasts BBC Radio poll about gay conversion therapy

    BBC Radio Kent asked Twitter if gay conversion therapy should be banned and suffered the consequences
  2. World's first cannabis cream developed to treat acne and other skin conditions

    The skin solution is made with cannabidiols natural compounds found in cannabis that have anti-inflammatory properties.
  3. Infamous 'oral sex' wedding image leads to couples being banned from photos outside C

    Cleric imposed ban after "shameful" photos turned up online of bride and groom outside a small chapel.
  4. Would you fly in a self-driving plane? Boeing digs deep on autonomous investments

    The team-up will draw on multiple investments of late to design and develop self-driving planes that can take off, navigate and land without the need for a pilot.
  5. Sao Paulo wants to give hungry schoolchildren processed 'dog food' pellets

    A plan by the mayor of Sao Paulo to give children pellets made from leftovers has divided opinion in a city that struggles to feed lower-income residents.
  6. Replies

    Top Islamic school bans selfies

    One of India's top Islamic schools, the Darul Uloom Deoband, has banned Muslims from posting pictures of themselves on social media.
  7. Dildo and vibrator heist from erotic trade show said to be 'largest theft of sex toys

    Sex toy company appeals for help after they claim 50,000 (45,000) of their merchandise was stolen from the Venus exhibition in Berlin.
  8. ICO compliance platform CoinList spins out of AngelList

    The platform behind the $205m Filecoin token sale launches publicly with new CEO Andy Bromberg.
  9. 'World's fattest baby' weighs over 4 stone at just 10 months old

    Luis Manuel, from Colima in Mexico, may suffer from Prader-Willi syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that causes people to over-eat.
  10. Oxbridge uncovered: Students on diversity

    Data shows Oxbridge is moving backwards in elitism terms, so what do Oxford and Cambridge students feel?
  11. Son charged with bludgeoning mum to death with guitar then yelling 'I killed my mum'

    Garret Selters,from Burlington, Iowa, is charged with the first-degree murder of Linda Selters on Tuesday (17 October). He allegedly used an electric guitar to beat her to death.
  12. Ohio baby sitter jailed for giving Xanax to 17-month-old toddler who later died

    Summer Shalodi, 32, from Westlake, Ohio apologised for her actions as she admitted to giving Xanax to Nadia Gibbons and leaving her alone at home.
  13. Father of newborn accused of selling heroin in maternity ward

    Cody Hulse was reportedly arrested at a hospital in Greensburg just hours after his baby daughter was born.
  14. Register of LGBT people in former Soviet state Tajikistan sparks fear of new 'gay pur

    Authorities suggested that LGBT citizens in the Muslim-majority country would be subject to mandatory testing for sexually transmitted diseases.
  15. Robert de Niro on Trump: 'He can be either impeached or you know...arrested'

    Actor criticised US administration as he joined a conference to talk about the devastating effects of hurricane Irma in Antigua and Barbuda.
  16. Why did a black man hug a neo-Nazi skinhead?

    A white supremacist walked into the middle of an anti-fascist rally - this is what happened next.
  17. Women's Ashes: England captain Heather Knight says series is 'too close to call'

    England captain Heather Knight says that the Women's Ashes series against Australia is "too close to call".
  18. Afghan suicide mosque attacks kill scores of worshippers

    Some 60 people are killed as worshippers are targeted in two separate attacks on mosques.
  19. Home Office U-turn over stroke survivor's wife's visa

    Leah Waterman had previously been told she must go back to the Philippines to apply for a visa.
  20. Puppy dog eyes are for human benefit, say scientists

    Researchers investigate how dogs change their expressions in response to their owners.
  21. Church of England to discuss same-sex blessing

    The Church of England is to debate holding services for same-sex couples for the first time.
  22. What it's like being black and working class at Cambridge

    Newsbeat speaks to Chelsea Kwakye about her experience of being a student at Cambridge.
  23. Lewis Hamilton top in US GP practice as Vettel struggles

    Championship leader Lewis Hamilton is in scintillating form as he sets the pace in practice at the United States Grand Prix.
  24. 'Worst president ever? 'Donald Trump's poll ratings keep tumbling

    A new poll has revealed that most Americans think the presidential legacy of Trump will be negative.
  25. A crisis in masculinity among young boys is driving them to carry out school shooting

    Researchers looked at the shared characteristics of 31 school boys involved in 29 mass shootings in American schools between 1995 and 2015. These boys often struggled to live up to perceived...
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