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  1. Deadly violence over disputed Honduras election result

    Police fire tear gas at protesters across the country, with one death in the northern town of Saba.
  2. Pope in Peru: Francis speaks out on violence against women

    Francis, who is in Peru, calls on the faithful to combat a "plague" of abuse across Latin America.
  3. Kabul: Afghan forces seek to end Intercontinental Hotel siege

    Gunmen are said to be holed up in the hotel, hours after storming it and killing several people.
  4. Watch this 100,000 tonne aircraft carrier making sharp high-speed turns in the Atlant

    For a moment, it appeared the USS Abraham Lincoln would flip sideways but it nailed the manoeuvre perfectly.
  5. Government introduces new product safety office

    The move comes after concerns over faulty appliances linked to several fires, including Grenfell.
  6. High school teacher accused of assaulting and performing oral sex on 14-year-old boy

    Dori Myers, who teaches social science at The New School for Leadership and the Arts in Kingsbridge, New York City, was arrested on Friday, 19 January, night.
  7. Noel Gallagher reveals why he will never return Johnny Marr's guitars

    Noel Gallagher believes that the vintage guitars he has of some of the rock legends are haunted.
  8. Alex Hales: England batsman says losing place in ODI team 'hurt massively'

    England batsman Alex Hales says it "hurt massively" to lose his place over an off-field incident last year, but says he has learned his lesson.
  9. PM to stop private sector 'pension abuse'

    Theresa May says the government will stamp out abuses of workers' pensions in failing companies.
  10. Newspaper headlines: 'Cash for Brexit' sting and Labour cull

    The Sunday Times claims 50 Labour MPs are on a hit list to be deselected.
  11. Cyrille Regis: Football pays tribute after death of former England international

    The Premier League pays tribute to the memory of Cyrille Regis with a minute's applause at Saturday's games.
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    How I save children from bullies

    Alex suffered severe racial bullying when at school. Now he's been recognised by the Queen for his efforts to wipe out bullying.
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    Do you get caught in the Faff Zone?

    When procrastination becomes a mental health matter
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    Women's marches draw crowds in US

    Women stage marches across the US on the first anniversary of President Donald Trump's inauguration.
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    Deported from Belgium, tortured in Sudan

    Has Belgium failed in its duty to protect asylum seekers?
  16. New York once made it illegal for women to smoke in public because it was not respect

    In 1908, women were banned from smoking in public in New York City. Female smokers were deemed less respectable.
  17. Footballing president puts Liberian army to the test

    Ex-football pro George Weah challenges Liberia's army to a friendly before his inauguration.
  18. State of emergency declared in Montego Bay due to escalating crime wave

    A major police operation is underway in St James parish following a spate of murders. British tourists have been urged to remain in their hotels.
  19. Gunman open fire at guests at five star hotel in Kabul

    Four gunman stormed a hotel in Kabul taking several hostages. An Afghanistan security official said one of the attackers has been killed.
  20. Donald Trump's 'racist slur' prompts angry march through New York

    Hundreds of Haitian immigrants marched on New York on Friday to against comments allegedly made by President Trump in which he referred to their homeland as a "s**thole".
  21. Kinks and Zombies bassist Jim Rodford dies aged 76

    Rodford, also a founding member of Argent and bassist for the Zombies, died following a fall.
  22. Are modern diesels a serious health hazard?

    Some in the car industry claim that modern diesel engines have been unfairly maligned.
  23. Netball: England fight back to beat New Zealand in extra time

    England fight back to beat New Zealand in extra time in their opening game of the Netball Quad Series.
  24. Trump's year on Twitter: Who has he criticised and praised the most?

    Who has he criticised and praised most as president? Here's our analysis, and a tricky quiz.
  25. Masters 2018: Mark Allen beats John Higgins 6-3 to join Kyren Wilson in final

    Northern Ireland's Mark Allen ensures there will be a first-time winner of the Masters this year as he beats John Higgins 6-3 to reach the final.
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