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      Sep 2017

      FamilyBtc - familybtc.com

      Earn 0.00000020 BTC per click
      Earn 50% per referral click
      Minimum cashout is 0.0004 BTC
      Accept Bitcoin
      Earn up to 100% referral commission
      Several earning ways
      Detailed statistics
      Affordable upgrade plans
      Safest and Easiest way to earn online

      Core of Familybtc is bitcoin faucet. Every 15 minutes you can claim 40 satoshi for free!


      familybtc.com uses legal EvolutionScript license!

      Claims Free Bitcoins

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      Sep 2017
      Mining shares are available.
      Admin implemented revenue (mining) share system in Familybtc. That system works perfect in Familyclix more than 2 years,

      How it works?

      With only 0.001 BTC (around $5) you can start your mining bitcoin.
      With your investments we are buying S9 Antminer that mining bitcoin for us. Part of that earning we will share with you.
      It means you will get your money (with profit) back pretty fast. Exact daily return is not guaranteed, but it should be around 1% per day. For every 0.001 BTC deposited in
      mining packs, you will get 0.0012 BTC back after xx days + you will get 5% commission (free members) and 10% commissions upgraded members.

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      Sep 2017

      ClixGrid Clone
      For each 3 clicks you will win a little prize!

      You can convert all points to account balance not to purchase balance!

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      Sep 2017
      This is very important announcement. Please read carefully.

      Admin accept 15 altcoins now. BitcoinCash, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash, Digibyte, Doge, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Lisk, Nav, Neo, NXT, STRATIS, NEM and Monero. You can deposit using those coins already. When you deposit, system will automatically convert it to bitcoin and you will get bitcoins to your purchase balance. Also, when you deposit, you should write amount in bitcoin that you want to deposit. For example, if you want to deposit Ethereum, write 0.01 btc and system will calculate how many ethereums you should deposit.
      Christmas/New Year promo, for all deposit you will get 10% bonus.

      We are coding withdrawal part, it should be done in next 24-48 hours and you will be able to withdraw altcoins as well. For now you can withdraw only litecoin.

      Temporarily we disabled bitcoin withdrawals due high network fees.. Blockchain charging around $20 per transaction now. Coinpayment charging 70000 satoshi. We are not going to pay $20 per transaction. If we also charging high fees it have no sense because 99% members cashing out less than $5.

      The payout minimum was reduced to 0.0003 BTC


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