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      Nov 2017

      Turn your 0.004 BTC into 1.772 BTC in just 90 Days

      Hello Everyone
      I am very grateful to introduce you to the new Bitcoin earning platform

      The only reliable and fastest growing member to member Bitcoin earning platform in the world, With our step by step model you can reach financial freedom, At Btcmaxx we help you with direct funding for your financial needs.

      free of risk
      100% secure
      No admin fee
      No site payments
      Advertise system
      No monthly Subscription
      auto spillover
      Fast auto confirmation system
      payments accept : Bitcoin / Ethereum / Litecoin
      the system accept all the wallets such as : blockchain / coinbase / xapo / localbitcoins / your-ltc / luno / meta mask / myetherwallet and ......
      All payments are direct between members
      only 1 time payment of (0.004 Btc) to your upline
      payback policy : yes ( if admin is your sponsor and you cant get any referrals and cant earn in 30 days )
      Fast support : Ticket / Telegram / Whatsapp / Facebook

      Btcmaxx is 2x4 matrix member to member Bitcoin Earning platform

      How Btcmaxx Works :

      You donate 0.004 BTC to your upline 1 every 90 days and you are now ready to receive your level 1 donations.

      Level 1 : 2 people donate to you 0.004 BTC each and you receive 0.008 Bitcoin. Then you donate 0.006 Bitcoin for level 2 upgrade every 30 days to your level 2 upline so your profit for level 1 is 0.002 BTC every 90 days.

      Level 2 - 4 people donate to you 0.006 BTC each and you receive 0.024 BTC. and that is your profit every 90 days.

      Level 3: 8 people donate to you 0.0018 BTC each and you receive 0.144 Bitcoin. Then you donate 0.108 Bitcoin for level 4 upgrade every 90 days to your level 4 upline so your profit for level 3 is 0.036 BTC every 90 days.

      Level 4: 16 people donate to you 0.108 BTC each and you receive 1.728 Bitcoin. so your profit for level 4 is 1.728 BTC every 90 days.

      Total profit: 1.772 BTC

      If you want to multiply your earnings then feel free to open more accounts. You can have as many accounts as you like but it is strongly recommended that you do not stack them. For example, you create another personal account under your first account. This is considered stacking. This is an unethical practice. Bytheway you need to use new Username, other E-mail and Wallet addresses to create your second account.

      Does Btcmaxx work for me ?
      If you know about the matrix and team working and you can build your own team of course it will work for you BUT if you don't know about team working i do not recommended you to join

      please READ UP Btcmaxx HOW IT WORKS and FAQs and TERM before signup.

      Join now while its still new with the link below, and enjoy earning money:


      Wish you all the best
      good luck
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