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      Sep 2017

      Bitverts - bitverts.io

      Earn 0.00000640 - 0.00000080 ETH per click
      Earn 10% per referral click

      Earn 0.00000064 - 0.00000004 BTC per click
      Earn 10% per referral click

      Earn 0.00000014 - 0.00000004 BTC per view

      Currently accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash.
      Bitcoin minimum withdraw is 0.00200000
      All other currency is 0.01000000
      Enjoy multiple payment currency methods
      - Paid to Click
      - Youtube Video Advertising
      - More coming soon
      10% Referral Commission
      More methods soon
      Earn By Clicking Daily

      BITVERTS - Advertising on the blockchain

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      Sep 2017
      Minimum withdraw for Bitcoin is: 0.00020000

      Minimum withdraw for Ethereum is: 0.00200000

      Minimum withdraw for Litecoin is: 0.00200000

      Minimum withdraw for Bitcoin Cash is: 0.00010000

      Here is a new features on Bitverts:

      Upgrade Accounts to get benefits and Bonus Ads up to 0.005 BTC / click !
      CryptoBar where you advertise and get CryptoBar points that will generate you Bonus Ads, the more points the more Bonus Ads you receive.
      Direct Referrals Filters.
      Latest Withdrawals.
      Referral Shop.
      Increased the amount you receive / click.
      Cheaper advertisement costs.
      Instant Withdrawals: coming soon...


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      Sep 2017
      The latest news on BitVerts

      Admin added Jackpots on the Dice Game and details about the Jackpots and the game can be found on the game page by clicking the red info sign;

      Next added chat language rooms as following: English, Spanish, French, Russian, Romanian, Indian.
      They can be selected by clicking the corresponding flag on the chat window, please keep in mind that chat has new rules now that can be found by clicking the info sign;

      More features are on the way and will be added soon!

      Payment within 24 hours!

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      Sep 2017
      Currently instant withdrawals reached 3 coins: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, if your withdrawal gone in pending that means our cheat system detected an issue on your account such as using 3rd party softwares, multiple accounts and so on, if it is gone in pending your account will be checked manually and if it was a false positive you should receive your payments, the manual check won't last for more than 48 hours.

      The wallet service website should be also opened in BETA in the next 2-3 days and we will offer Bitcoin & Litecoin wallet service for Users & Merchants and we are building it in a way so it focus mostly on transaction privacy.

      Admin lowered the minimum withdrawal for Bitcoin And Ethereum, you can withdraw bitcoin as soon as you hit 10,000 satoshi


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