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      Sep 2017

      Faucetcrypto - faucetcrypto.com


      Supporting 11 Cryptocurrencies:

      Current claim rate
      Zcash- Reward: 173 - 260 zcashtoshis
      Pura- Reward: 422409 - 633614 puratoshis
      Digibyte- Reward: 0.0077 - 0.0116 DGBs
      Syscoin- Reward: 210781 - 316171 systoshis
      Pinkcoin- Reward: 0.0279 - 0.0419 PINKs
      Blackcoin- Reward: 217760 - 326640 blacktoshis
      Bitcoin- Reward: 4 - 7 satoshis
      Dogecoin- Reward: 0.0932 - 0.1399 DOGEs
      Ethereum- Reward: 75 - 113 gweis
      Litecoin- Reward: 409 - 613 litoshis
      Monero- Reward: 250 - 375 monerotoshis

      Every time you collect crypto-coins in this faucet, you earn experience to level up. Each level you get you will have an extra bonus percentage on your next claims.

      Every claim you will receive 3 Exp.

      Every referral claim you will receive 1 Exp.

      You will earn a bonus of x0.002 per level.

      You will need FaucetHub Account and a wallet registered in the account to withdraw.

      Claim every 15 minutes

      You can earn 25% of your referral earnings.

      No minimum instant to Faucethub - Zcash, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Blackcoin, Dogecoin

      FAUCETCRYPTO - The faucet that only has captcha for bots

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      Sep 2017
      Message from Admin
      This is the new version of Faucet Crypto! We made a reset on our database and fixed all the bugs! We improved the claims available system.
      The account duplicated system is not too strict anymore, you can create how many accounts do you want.
      You just CAN'T use your referral link to create an account in the same place/networl.

      If you is an old user, you need to create a new account!

      You can withdraw your old balance!

      To transfer your EXP you need to go to the page Transfer Exp on the NEW version and authenticate with your account of the OLD version.
      About the ref users, if you register on the NEW version with the same email of the OLD version and your referral register with the same email of the OLD version too. The user will be automatically binds as your referral.

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      Sep 2017
      FaucetCrypto is back but a new registration is required!

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      Sep 2017
      The faucet have a timer of 10 minutes for every currency.
      Level system with bonus on reward.
      Inventory with a lot of items to get bonus.
      Potions with different effects.
      Talk with other users in the faucet Chat
      On happy hours, we have x2 multiplier event.

      NOW supporting 27 cryptocurrencies!!

      Bitcoin, Minexcoin, Reddcoin, Niobio-cash, Bitcoin-green, Ravencoin, Paccoin, Ubiq, Pivx, Stratis, Groestlcoin, Peercoin, Primecoin, Dash, Bitcoin-cash, Bitcore, Potcoin, Monero, Zcash, Pura, Digibyte, Syscoin, Pinkcoin, Blackcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin


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